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Moisture on walls or ceilings?

Have you experienced moisture or “sweating” on your walls or ceiling lately? We have measured several homes with humidity higher than 85% in the last four weeks. Recently, we have had much rain and snow. This moisture is still in the ground making the humidity in our homes high. When warm, moist air touches a cold surface it will condensate. This condensation can cause mold and other issues. 60% humidity in the home can condensate on a 55 degree surface. With the cold weather we are having, the drywall on walls and ceilings can be much lower in temperature than 55 degrees. This is why most homes are showing water on the walls and ceiling. First solution: run a dehumidifier until the moisture stops showing itself on the walls, ceilings and windows. Second solution: call and have us properly insulate your home. Bottom line: lower the humidity in your air with a dehumidifier and/or warm up the walls/ceilings with our insulation. Call if you need assistance. 937-478-1879 Miami Valley Insulation Co LLC 

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